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Wha-blow bredbins!

The world was rocked this week by the death of one of its most universally-admired talents. Though their body of work peaked a long time ago, fans were still aghast to learn that the icon will be laid to rest wearing a wig, but without their famous pussie.

Mollie Sugden, we salute you. Elsewhere, with perhaps Skylarkin’ Soundsystem’s busiest weekend of the year looming, I was warmed by the arrival at the Heights of the very latest in my long and distinguished list of personal valet-de-chambres, Jackson. A nifty mover, he turned up late last week, having been highly commended by my previous manservant Geller (you’ll recall how we had to vanquish the rather hapless Zyromski to a remote Slavik leper colony, while the ever-resourceful Shadow now works for a publishers in Nuneaton. Geller himself is now the chairman of Exeter City football club!). Anyhow, we’ll be needing every last ounce of Jackson’s endeavour (and his monkey), as the ‘system embarks on a marathon weekend of indoor and al-fresco entertainment. It’s CARNIVAL TIME!

· Friday July 3rd: Skylarkin’ Soundsystem at The Cellar, Oxford (9pm-3am, £4/£5 after 11)
o Mr Benn & Souls Liberation bring the bouncehall mashment
o Zion Wilson plays LIVE – epic, majestic reggae/soul 7-piece
o Count Skylarkin shows off his Glastonbury tan

· Saturday July 4th: Skylarkin’ Soundsystem at The Big Chill House, Kings Cross (9pm-3am, FREE/£5 after 10)
o Mr Benn & Souls Liberation ram the dancehall
o Zion Wilson soothes the soul
o Indecision & Wrongtom connive and concoct

· Sunday July 5th: Skylarkin’ Soundsystem at Carnival in the Park, South Parks, Oxford (12pm-7pm, FREE; afterparty at Hi-Lo)
o The Count, Indecision, Constant Jammin’ and Raggasaurus DJs entertain, eat plantain, with rum to drain

Indeed, I’ll no doubt be calling upon him for more of that delicious Jesus Juice he’s been dousing me with. Lovely!

Till the weekend,

Count Skylarkin (on behalf of)
Dalton Nugget


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